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Meet Your Summit Hosts
Brett Fogle
Brett Fogle is currently the CEO of Moonstream Crypto, an online financial newsletter and educational services provider that focuses on educating investors on how to trade / invest in cryptocurrencies.

A successful real-estate investor, angel investor, and investor in the financial markets, Brett Fogle has been investing and trading since 1997. He is the former founder of OptionsUniversity, an INC500 education company which he started from the proverbial ‘kitchen table’ and grew it to the 276th fastest growing private companies in the U.S.A. in 3 just years.

In addition to his technical proficiency, Brett is known for his commitment to helping others navigate the world of crypto and trading. Through mentoring and educational initiatives, he shares his knowledge and insights with aspiring traders, empowering them to make informed decisions and achieve their financial goals.

When he's not analyzing charts or exploring new blockchain projects, Brett enjoys connecting with like-minded individuals and building a strong network within the crypto community. He firmly believes in the transformative power of cryptocurrencies and envisions a future where decentralized finance becomes mainstream.
Mike Newton
Mike Newton is a visionary crypto enthusiast who embraced the world of cryptocurrencies as an early adopter. In 2014, he made a significant decision that would ignite his passion for digital assets - he bought his first Bitcoin. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a remarkable journey into the world of cryptocurrencies and an unwavering commitment to educating others about the immense power that Bitcoin holds.

Driven by a mission to empower and enlighten, Mike established Moonstream Newsletter, a groundbreaking service that serves as a beacon of knowledge for crypto enthusiasts and investors. Through this influential newsletter, Mike shares his expertise, insights, and market analysis to help individuals navigate the complex crypto landscape with confidence. He aims to equip every subscriber with the tools and knowledge to harness the power of this revolutionary digital currency.

Mike's belief in the power of Bitcoin stems from its ability to grant financial autonomy and freedom to individuals. With a deep understanding of the underlying technology and the principles of decentralization, he tirelessly advocates for the adoption and understanding of cryptocurrencies as a means of reshaping traditional financial systems.
Your Expert Training Sessions
From These Amazing Crypto Experts

Hardest Money in History: Using Bitcoin To Destroy Inflation

Discover the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies in preserving your hard-earned wealth, shielding it from the erosive impact of inflation and securing a brighter future for your financial endeavors.

- Max Wright

The Art of 'Buying the Dip' and Taking Profits At The Right Time

Timing is EVERYTHING: How to spot crypto tops and bottoms like Nostradamous. Use these tips and tools to better decide when to buy and when to sell to maximize profits.

- Dirk De Bruin

Wallets: The Good, Bad and Ugly of Keeping Your Keys Safe

Whose wallet is it anyway? The good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to crypto wallets. This primer will teach you what kind of wallet to use, how to use it, and what to stay away from to keep your coins safe. 

- Ricardo Martinez

The Hidden Agenda Behind Central Bank Digital Currency

Give me freedom or give me debt" Evading the upcoming Central Bank Digital Currency rollout. Big Brother is watching, how to use crypto to build your own surveillance-proof financial life. 

- Michael Hearne

International Dual-Citizenship Secrets

Discover the world of dual citizenship in this interview as we tackle the reasons behind pursuing it, highlight nations that permit it, and delve into financial aspects. We also delve into its potential as a tax reduction strategy, uncover lesser-known tactics, and discuss the practicality of possessing two passports for unrestricted travel.

- Katie Ananina

Benefits of Running Your Own Bitcoin Node

If you aren't running your own Bitcoin node, you aren't really participating in Bitcoin! Learn how to set up your own Bitcoin node and become a true Bitcoin citizen.

- Matt Hill

Building More Freedom Through Bitcoin

The world has become a crazy place, now is the time to build more freedom in your life with Bitcoin. Learn how Bitcoin can ensure freedom of travel, secure your savings, and enable you to do what you want, when you want

- Kevin Koskella

Protecting Your Wealth & Family From An Economic Meltdown

Prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario by fortifying your economic bunker with loaded resources, positioning yourself to not just survive but flourish while others scavenge for meager scraps in a post-apocalyptic financial landscape.

- Justin Donald

Preparing Yourself For Future Crypto Regulation

Crypto regulation is coming soon and inevitable. But how will regulation affect your holdings? Who will benefit most? How can you best prepare for future industry regulation? We discuss this and more, in this eye-opening interview with an industry expert!

- Justin Newton

Owning Crypto To Make Sure You Don't Run Out of Money

Don't miss this incredible keynote by Mark Yusko from Morgan Creek Capital who talks about investing in innovation, the risk of owning cash, and why now may be the BEST time to buy Bitcoin and crypto.

- Mark Yusko

Market Cycles and Why Now May Be The Time To Buy

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the cyclical nature of the crypto market, empowering you to identify your position within the cycle and uncover why the present moment might be the opportune time to seize buying opportunities.

- Juan Villaverde

Trading Bots: Good and Bad

Going warp speed - how to use trading bots to increase your success. Everything you MUST know about trading bots before you jump in. 

- Scott Phillips

How To Predict Market Direction Changes Before They Happen

Embark on an insightful journey through market cycles in this interview, exploring their necessity and the psychology driving swing highs and lows.

- Joel Coach K

How To Build Wealth in The Next Bull Run

Discover effortless ways to accumulate quick cash, allowing you to maximize your investment potential and set your money to work, growing exponentially in the world of cryptocurrencies.

- Lark Davis

Buying and Selling with Bitcoin

Using crypto in the real world: buying and selling with Bitcoin. Create your own local marketplace with the hardest, most secure money known to man.

- Hynek Jina

Wallet Hacking: What No-One Is Telling You...

Discover effective methods to lock down your valuable crypto assets, protecting them from hacking attempts and fortifying your financial future with simple yet powerful strategies.

- Mike Newton

The Explosion in Crypto Gaming

Online gaming is a HUGE marketplace and the addition of blockchain technology will enable entirely new types of games. Learn how to truly OWN your assets in-game and prepare for the coming blockchain gaming explosion!

- Tim Jooste

Leaving a Legacy Through Intelligent Crypto Investing

This may be the most important topic that people aren't talking about enough. How to create a legacy by planning ahead, ensuring a smooth transition for your family and your heirs. Don't miss this critical conversation about how to properly structure your crypto estate planning, tax considerations, and more!

- Eric Wade

Pump and Dumps: How To Spot a Rug-Pull Project

Learn how to protect yourself from the volatile world of pump and dump schemes, equipping you with the knowledge to identify and avoid these deceptive practices that can lead to significant losses in the crypto market.

- Marc Goldman

Protecting Crypto Trades From Catastrophic Losses

In this eye-opening presentation, Summit co-host Brett Fogle shares how you can protect against major future losses, pro tips for taking profits, stop-loss strategies, and how to choose the biggest potential winners in the next Bull-run.

- Brett Fogle

Passive Income Strategies For Generating Hands Free Profits

The Crypto Financial Flywheel: Insider Tips to Having Your Money Passively Make You More Money. This is the ultimate crypto cashflow guide.

- Jason BTO

The Bitcoin Lightning Network

The Bitcoin Lightning Network is already disrupting the entire payments industry, making peer to peer payments 'lightning' fast. Explore how to get onto the Lightning network and all the amazing things it enables.

- Mike Jarmuz

Web 3.0 Masterclass

Web3 is a game changer in rewarding contributors, securing their data, and ensuring freedom online. Discover how to take advantage of Web3 technology and how its already changing the very nature of the internet. 

- Rockwell Shah

DEFI: Understanding Decentralized Finance

The End of The Banking Era: Using Decentralized Finance to become your own bank. With many banks on the brink of failure, opt out of the system and take control of your own money.

- Byron Gilliam

Explaining Blockchain To Grandma

Blockchain for Grandma: How to make crypto accessible and easy to everyone. Don't let your family and friends be left behind by using these talking points to help them understand.

- Yuri Cataldo

The Future of Crypto Payments in Everyday Life

Join the VP of Marketing for leading crypto payments provider BitPay for an interesting discussion about the future of crypto payments, cross platform consumer wallets, and new innovations coming soon.

- Merrick Theobald

Crypto Friendly IRA Strategies For Growing Tax-Free Wealth

In this'Must-See' interview, Dr. Hays covers little-known yet highly effective IRA strategies that you won't hear anywhere else. Not only standard crypto IRA solutions, but her personal strategies using Roth IRA's that allow tax-free active trading and her recommended platforms. What better way to wrap up this amazing Crypto Summit than with this incredible interview!

- Dr. Demelza Hays
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